Ashes to ashes cast

Ray Carling, Alex Drake, Gene Hunt, Shaz Granger, Chris Skelton

Set between 1981 and 1983, this time with Alex Drake from 2008. The team led by Gene Hunt has moved down to London, but without the presence of Sam and Annie from Life on Mars.

Main StoryEdit

Similar to Life On Mars, except set in the early 1980s and days of Thatcher and the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charlse.

The universe of Life On Mars and Ashes to Ashes is revealed to be a sort of purgatory for Police Officers that died unsatisfactory deaths.

There is also a romance between DCI Gene Hunt and Alex, though many fans believe that the end of the last series was dissapointing because it did not bring about the conclusion they wanted with this pairing.

Characters and CastEdit

  • DCI Gene Hunt - Philip Glenister (Younger played by Mason Kayne)
  • DI Alex Drake - Keeley Hawes
  • DS/DI Ray Carling - Dean Andrews
  • DC Chris Skelton - Marshall Lancaster
  • WPC Shaz Granger - Montserrat Lombard
  • Jim Keats - Daniel Mays (Series 3)


The Series ran for three years with a total of 23 episodes.

Full Episode list here


  • Series 3 Episode 4: In the tunnel when Hunt interrogates the addict, he comments in passing that a bathroom was so dirty that Mr Muscle would have trouble cleaning it. This episode is set in 1983; Mr Muscle, a hard-surface cleaning product, did not appear on the market until 1986.
  • Series 1 Episode 7: A plush toy of Garfield with suction cups to allow it to be stuck inside a car windscreen plays a central role in the plot of this episode. Although extremely popular, these toys only became available in 1988, seven years after the date of this episode.