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DS Hathaway from 'Dead of Winter'

Lewis' Sergeant in the follow up series to Inspector Morse, Detective Sergeant Hathaway of Oxfordshire Police. Although he is the Sergeant and Lewis is the Inspector, he plays a much more similar role to Morse.

Early lifeEdit

Although there are many snippits into Hathaway's early life, most of it is left unknown.

He at least lived in Oxford for most of his childhood on an estate near Crevecoeur Hall, where he became childhood friends with Scarlett Mortmaigne, the daughter of Crevecoeur Hall (The Dead of Winter).

In the same episode there is also a slight referance that Hathaway did not live a fully happy childhood, When his father is mentioned he becomes rather irritable and changes the subject quickly. His father was a ground's keeper on the estate.

Hathaway in Life born of Fire is also revealed to have another childhood friend who went to Oxford, Will McEwan. When Will came out to Hathaway when they were children, Hathaway laughed at him, causing damage to their friendship for many years.

In the episode "Old School Ties" we are told by an ex-schoolmate of Hathaway's that he had been Head Boy of his school and nicknamed 'W.C.' - short for 'Wolfgang Christ' - because he "didn't know whether he wanted to be Mozart or Jesus".


Hathaway went to Cambridge university to study Theology, he is also hinted to have been something of a rowing star while at university - in the Pilot, he is described by a rowing coach as "Atta-way Hathaway".

He was training to be a Priest until he returned back to Oxford to see his friend Will McEwan. He was critical and cruel to his friend about his homosexuality, after this he dropped out of the priesthood to become a policeman.

In the last episode of series four, Hathaway informs Lewis that he was talent spotted for MI5 in university, this is neither confirmed or denied by the end.

In the Police ForceEdit

Hathaway is very intellegent, and is often discribed as a "funny policeman" because he seems so out of place there. Even so, he enjoys his work and becomes dedicated to it.

Like Morse, and occasionally Lewis, Hathaway has a habit for getting involved with witnesses and suspects. He does this most notably with Zoe Kenneth in Life born of Fire and Scarlett Mortmaigne in The Dead of Winter.

Despite his intellegence, Hathaway is still young and inexprienced, sometimes even behaving in a very childish like manner Life Born of Fire. When he yells at Lewis in the street "You're not listening to me!" He also makes witty remarks to fellow officers, some officers take his remarks more offensivly than others.

During Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things' Hathaway stays awake all night at the police station ordering hundreds of photos in time order, judging by the light and who is standing next to who, this both amazes and shocks Lewis and Innocent.

His intellegence often comes in useful when identifying complex messages or referances from Oxford scholors or messages - he sometimes does this with smugness.

Similarities to MorseEdit

There are many noticable similarities between Morse and Hathaway, their intellegence being only one.

  • Both went to one of the Oxbridge colleges.
  • They are commented on as being too intellegent for the Police Force.
  • They have a bad taste in women, the woman they are interested in usually turns out to hold some sort of blame for a murder.
  • They both enjoy classical music.


DI Robert "Robbie" LewisEdit

DI Robert "Robbie" Lewis is Hathaway's boss and the two have a better relationship than Lewis had when he was Morse's sergeant. The two first met in the pilot when Robbie arrives home from the Virgin Islands after several years' absence. Even though he and Lewis had their ups and downs, their working relationship was slightly better than Lewis' with Morse.

DI Alan PetersonEdit

Dr Laura HobsonEdit

Chief Superintendent Jean InnocentEdit

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