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File:DCI Matt Burke in Hardman.jpgFile:DCI Michael Jardine.jpgFile:DCI Michael Jardine - shortly before being pushed into the River Clyde.jpg
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File:DI Robbie Ross.jpgFile:DI Robbie Ross with DCI Matt Burke.jpgFile:DI Wes Layton.png
File:DS Ben Jones, Dr George Bullard and DCI John Barnaby.pngFile:DS Ben Jones and DCI John Barnaby with Sykes the dog.jpgFile:DS Ben Jones and DCI Tom Barnaby in Fit for Murder.jpg
File:DS Ben Jones and Dr George Bullard in Fit for Murder.jpgFile:DS Ben Jones and the two Barnabys.pngFile:DS Ben Jones in Fit For Murder.jpg
File:DS Dan Scott with school teacher Liz Francis in The Straw Woman.jpgFile:DS Gavin Triy attends the wedding of Cully Barnaby.jpgFile:DS Hathaway.png
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File:DS Robbie Lewis with Dr Laura Hobson in The Remorseful Day.jpgFile:DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Sam Casey.pngFile:DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Sam Casey disagree.jpg
File:DS Ronnie Brooks gives his statement in Survivor's Guilt.jpgFile:DS Ronnie Brooks with Matt's sister in Survivor's Guilt.jpgFile:DS Sam Casey.png
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File:Dominic Rowan as Jacob 'Jake' Thorne.jpgFile:Dr Andews, Mike and Jim with the sculls in Nest of Vipers.jpgFile:Dr Hobson.png
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File:Hathaway in The Indeliable Stain.pngFile:Hathaway in The Ramblin' Boy.pngFile:Heartbeat opening title card.jpg
File:Henry Sharpe.pngFile:Hobson, Hathaway and Lewis in Down Among the Fearful.pngFile:Hobson, Peterson and Lewis.png
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File:Hobson and Lewis 2.pngFile:Hobson and Lewis 3.pngFile:Hobson and Lewis from Your Sudden Death Question.png
File:Hobson and Lewis in Intelligent Design.pngFile:Hobson and Lewis in Intelligent Design 2.pngFile:Hobson and Lewis in The Ramblin' Boy.png
File:Hobson and Lewis in the pilot.pngFile:Hobson and Peterson.pngFile:Hobson in The Ramblin' Boy.png
File:Hobson in The Ramblin' Boy part 1.pngFile:Identity title card.jpgFile:Innocent, Gray and Lewis.png
File:Inspector Endeavour Morse with Sergeant Robbie Lewis.jpgFile:Inspector Lynley.jpgFile:Inspector Morse and DS Lewis.png
File:Jack Halford.jpgFile:Jack McVitie.jpgFile:Jack McVitie in Death Call.jpg
File:Jack McVitie in Hospital in Prayer for the Dead.jpgFile:Jackie and Michael discuss Robbie in Skin Deep.jpgFile:Jackie and Michael in Football Crazy.jpg
File:Jackie and Robbie at the end of Falling in Love.jpgFile:Jackie and Robbie in Skin Deep.jpgFile:Jackie and Robbie tango at Eckies.jpg
File:Jackie confronts Stuart about his opinion in Death Trap.jpgFile:Jamie Bamber as DS Matt Devlin.pngFile:Jason Durr as Alan Daniels and Kelly Reilly as Anna Travis.jpg
File:Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones in The House in the Woods.jpgFile:Jean Innocent.pngFile:Jean Innocent in The Ramblin' Boy.png
File:Jim, Jackie and Michael in Death Comes Softly.jpgFile:Jim Taggart and Michael Jardine in Nest of Vipers.jpgFile:Jim Taggart in Death Call.jpg
File:Jim explains to Jean that he doesn't like cats in Nest of Vipers.jpgFile:John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby in The Killings at Badger's Drift.gifFile:John Thaw as DCI Endeavour Morse and Kevin Wheatly as DS Robert Lewis.jpg
File:John Thaw as Inspector-Morse.jpgFile:Kevin Whately as Lewis.jpgFile:Kevin Whately as Lewis in a dramatic climactic scene in The Way Through the Woods.jpg
File:Law & Order UK title card.pngFile:Law and Order UK cast series seven.pngFile:Law and Order UK series seven cast.png
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File:Lewis and DC Gray.pngFile:Lewis and DC Grey.pngFile:Lewis and Hathaway.jpg
File:Lewis and Hathaway 1.pngFile:Lewis and Hathaway 3.pngFile:Lewis and Hathaway in Intelligent Design.png
File:Lewis and Hathaway in Intelligent Design Part Two.jpgFile:Lewis and Hobson 1.pngFile:Lewis and Hobson 2.png
File:Lewis and Hobson 3.pngFile:Lewis and Hobson 4.pngFile:Lewis and Hobson 5.png
File:Lewis and Hobson in Intelligent Design.pngFile:Lewis and Hobson in Intelligent Design Part One.pngFile:Lewis and Hobson in The Indeliable Stain.png
File:Lewis and Hobson in The Ramblin' Boy.pngFile:Lewis and Hobson kiss.pngFile:Lewis and Morse.jpg
File:Lewis and Morse in The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn.pngFile:Lewis at his wife's grave, with Hathaway in the background.pngFile:Lewis dead winter9w450.jpg
File:Lewis finally gets together with Dr Hobson.pngFile:Lewis from Who Killed Harry Field.pngFile:Lewis in Intelligent Design.png
File:Lewis in Soul of Genius.pngFile:Lewis returns to Oxford.pngFile:Life on Mars title card.png
File:Luther's opening title screen.pngFile:Mark McManus as DCI Jim Taggart in Gingerbread.pngFile:Mark McManus as DCI Jim Taggart in Killer.png
File:Midsomer Murders cast from left to right - Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones, John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby, Kirsty Dillon as DC Gail Stephens and Barry Jackson as Dr George Bullard.jpgFile:Midsomer Murders logo.gifFile:MoriartyProfile1.png
File:Morse and Lewis.jpgFile:Morse in Who Killed Harry Field.pngFile:Morse inspector.jpg
File:Morse meets Pathologist Laura Hobson for the first time.jpgFile:MycroftHolmes ref.pngFile:Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby.jpg
File:Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby.pngFile:Neil Duncan as DS Peter Livingstone.pngFile:New Tricks title card.png
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File:Robbie and Laura by the bridge in The Ramblin' Boy.pngFile:Robbie and Laura leave the pub.pngFile:Robert Strickland.jpg
File:Ronnie's eyes on the bottles in Matt's fridge in Survivor's Guilt.jpgFile:Ronnie Brooks and Sam Casey.pngFile:Rosemary and Thyme title card.jpg
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File:Steve McAndrew.jpgFile:Stuart looking shocked.jpgFile:Superintendent Jack McVitie.png
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File:The Soul of Genius.jpgFile:The Sweeney opening titles (series 1–3).pngFile:The central cast members of Scott & Bailey from left to right DCI Gill Murray, DC Rachel Bailey and DC Janet Scott.jpg
File:The new cast of Law and Order UK.jpgFile:The orginal Order team.jpgFile:The original cast of Law and Order UK.jpg
File:The orignal Law team.jpgFile:The team in Falling in Love.jpgFile:The team when Stuart gets the call from Langbank in Death Trap.jpg
File:Troy dancing with WPC Jay Nash in Dark Autumn.jpgFile:Troy in Garden of Death.gifFile:Troy joins Barnaby for the wdding in Blood Wedding.jpg
File:Troy watches Cully get married in Blood Wedding.jpgFile:Vera tv series title card.jpgFile:Waking the Dead title card.jpg
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